We Wish you a Happy Halloween, We Wish…

There is a distinct lack of great, singable Halloween songs. That’s not to say that there haven’t been plenty of people who have tried to remedy that. Mostly rock artists. Mostly in the 60’s.


Happy Halloween YouTube

YouTube background to celebrate the season.

But for some reason, no one just bursts out with “Monster Mash,” in the middle of May, remembering all of the lyrics while the whole room follows along and sings loudly and off-key on the chorus. Yet this happens all the time with Christmas songs, or even “Here comes Peter Cottontail.” Heck, even Valentines day has songs associated with it, and half the population HATES that holiday.


It’s not for lack of interest. The only reason that we’re not inundated with Christmas toys, decorations, and music this time of year is that stores can still get an awful lot of money from folks who wait all year for October. My husband is one of those people. He started decorations for our Halloween party a month and a half ago. The party is not for another two weeks. He keeps a close eye on our mall this time of year to see when the Halloween Store opens.


Now, I enjoy Halloween a great deal, not the least of reasons being that it’s perfectly legitimate to eat a whole giant bag of chocolates in a week. Until I married Corey, I would usually find out about someone’s Halloween party a week or two early, then throw together some half-assed costume, usually out of things I have in my own closet supplemented by what I could find at Goodwill. I would also wear that costume to work if I happened to be working ON Halloween, but that might be the extent of my participation. Aside from aforementioned chocolate consumption, that is.




The closest thing to Halloween Music that you can find: http://sokolovskymusic.com/best-halloween-royalty-free-music-2016/


But now I have husband, kids, and party to prepare for. It’s a big deal in this house. But it’s sadly quiet around here with only a handful of songs that we can claim as Halloween Carols. “5 Little Pumpkins,” and “3 Little Witches” and some half-remembered parody of a kids song about ghosts (probably with a number associated with it, too) are not enough for us to burst into song while we’re getting ready. I guess as a writer and musician that means it falls to me to remedy the situation, but I think I’ve found the reasons why:



It is not easy to write a kids Halloween song. It can’t be too gory, it can’t be too scary, and if you veer too far the other way, it ends up being too cheesy for the adults to sing, therefore no one sings it.

Oh, well, maybe once the flurry of activity is over and before the next Holiday comes up, I’ll crank out a few carols for next year.


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