I am… a Teacher.

While I do have a set of arguments that I have used on occasion to argue that everyone with influence over another person can be considered a teacher, I have never really considered my self such in so many words. I have taught in classrooms, mostly with a team, for years without any feeling that I could call myself a teacher.

The type of teaching I’ve done previously has been ‘hit and run’ teaching. Most classrooms I would be in for one hour a year, working on a specific project, and specifically the song that went with that project. Sometimes we would be in the school doing “Theater Du Jour,” and extended project with a larger team that involved writing a script, doing scenery and costuming, and writing a theme song for the play. Usually we had an historical subject, but sometimes we had plays on the life cycle or even pre-written plays that the students would design around. The, after two days working on all of the above, the students would perform the play for any number of people, sometimes the whole school, sometimes just a group of parents.

This was a project that I got into because of my expertise as a song-writer, not because I had any experience or qualification to be a teacher. In fact, I would allow others to de-legitimize my standing by asking if I had any teaching certificates or degrees. As a result, I definitely did NOT consider myself a teacher.

Now, I have a class. It’s mine. I had one semester of “how we run EN111 here” and now I’m let loose into the wilds of NMU. I’m not sure if I have Freshmen sicked on me or vise versa, but either way, it’s happened and I have twenty-five reported adults listening to me for four hours a week. Now, it’s just been one week, so I don’t exactly have a handle on how it’s all going to go, but I have a syllabus, five papers, and many ideas.

It’s amazing the difference from last semester (I was going to school and had an office, but I was just a pretender) to this one. I know I was assured all last year that I WAS a teacher, even if I didn’t have a class. I even have those aforementioned arguments that everyone is a teacher in their own way. And still, suddenly, Wednesday night, I realized.

I. Am. A Teacher.


1 Comment

  1. Hal Anderson said,

    January 21, 2012 at 11:26 pm

    Way to go!

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