Surviving the Fall and ALOT

So I think I’m into the swing of things. Maybe. It’s  a trick, since semester hasn’t technically started for me yet.

But I do this to myself every year. Well, at the start of everything new, that is. I always plan carefully, sure that I’ll have this allotted time for this, and that allotted time for that. Sure that everything in my life will fit neatly into the time I have for it. AND that I’ll have plenty of time left over for relaxation (which gets it’s own time slot).

If you folks hadn’t been able to tell by now, I am not well organized. I have a system, and it’s rare that I actually lose something or forget something, but it is certainly now what you’d call neat. I can plan all there is to plan, but I always forget to factor in the laziness factor.

That’s right, the laziness. It always creeps in when I’m sure I’ve gotten everything planned and sorted and fixed. The laziness is actually two fold: 1. the actual lack of desire to get anything immediately done; and 2. the distraction of myself by shiny things including but not limited to internet, books, TV shows, yarn, and music.

But I know going in that I don’t have time for that crap now. I’ve only got so much time for everything I’m doing now, and now I’m adding things into it, things that have to get done for my future, not just my own amusement. These are the important things that will sustain the life to which I wish to become accustomed. Not to mention my mortgage. And my car payment. And my yarn habit.

So it’s all about focus once again. I need to stay focused on my goals in order to make sure that I succeed at them and move on to where I want to be. I have to make sure that I keep up with not only school, but also things like publishing so that I know when I’m graduating, I will have more accolades under my belt, and will be more hire-able. Oh yeah, and see my name in print. And throw wildly popular book signings all around the country. And get to sing to packed concert halls so my mom and brother can quit their day jobs, too. If they want.

Speaking of things I’m not ‘supposed’ to be focusing on… If you’re on my facebook (and I think all of you are), you’ve already seen this link. You know you want to click it!


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