On the Precipice

Okay, you caught me. I just used that title because I love the word precipice…

But I really am. I start school on Monday. That’s right, MONDAY. In three days. Not next month, not the eternally ambiguous ‘In the fall,’ ON MONDAY. And I’m not sure how I feel about it.

I mean, I am excited. That’s what my whole being has been hoping, praying, and pushing for for the last year or so. Sure, the names have changed, but the general idea of going back and getting another degree has remained the same. A few parts of my life have interfered, but most of them have been encouraging me to do this, and the one major part that’s disagreed… well, we’ll be done with that in January. We’ll tough it out until then.

So here I am, at far too early in the morning to be awake, writing about that next step and wondering why I’m mostly numb and tired, and not yet excited. Maybe it’s the way too busy weekend that I have to get through first (why is it that when something important is happening, EVERYTHING ELSE happens at the same time or right before it?). Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t want to see the state my house will be in when I get home from being gone for most of a week. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s two in the morning and I should be in bed?

Whatever the reason, it hasn’t fully sunk in yet. I have two intense weeks of class to get through (two weeks I don’t have to work until the weekend), and then it’ll be a schedule I’ll be into for four months.

Actually, that last sentence gave me a little thrill.


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