“Busy” is not an excuse

It is, however, my state of being. I guess I learned it from my mother who is perpetually interested in things and people. This interest has lead both of us, and my brother, into more and more interesting situations and keep us (basically) off the streets and out of trouble.

Another impetus for mom being busy was moving into a small apartment on main street with two young children and a loud TV. It was comfortable enough for us, but evenings could drive my mother up the wall. So she joined everything in town so that she was out of the apartment at least 4 nights out of seven. And she took Brian and I with her. At the age of seven, I had attended at least a year of Audubon Society, Writer’s Guild, Delta Folks (music), Friend’s of Music group, and Delta Dos Users Group meetings. That was the year that I drew an entire computer keyboard from memory, complete with accurate labels. (no, I’m not a geek… why do you ask?)

So I learned from an early age that there are a lot of things to put your time and energy into. I am rarely bored to this day, always being able to grab on to something happening around me that is interesting. In fact, if I’m in the employee cafe and bring a book, I usually don’t get very far because there’s something else going on that catches my attention.

So this may be seen as an elaborate excuse for not posting for two months, and I guess my ‘explanation’ isn’t much more than that, but I always feel the need to explain myself.

There is some good news in all this ‘busy’ as well. I haven’t been bandying it about much because I’ve been afraid to jinx it like I did last time (when I DIDN’T get into the MFA program), but I got a letter, oh, I’d say about two months ago, asking me if I would accept a position in the MA program instead. After much e-mailing, phone calling, and calculating, I found out that the position came with a TAship in the Winter semester, and enough financial aid to cover Fall semester, and therefore, I WILL be able to afford to go to school in the Fall.

You’ll note that the ‘F’ in ‘free’ is now lower case to reflect this change in my educational status. It’s too late now to change the name, though.



  1. June 14, 2011 at 10:58 pm

    Nice–I always thought being bored was a weakness.
    CONGRATS, Caitlin! I am absolutely proud of you.

    • broadwriter said,

      June 14, 2011 at 11:20 pm

      Thanks! It’s kind of ironic after the last post (the whole “I’m afraid of jinxing it” thing). But it looks like it’s a go, and it’ll be a blast if I can survive the Fall of still working at the casino, commuting to school, and possibly Substitute teaching, as well.

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