My confession: I’ve never been great with actions. I’m a words person and always have been. I’m FAR more likely to talk your ear off about something or talk to find solutions than I am to act and do something about a problem.

Unfortunately I’m not alone. Not only do a lot of people I know feel that way, it seems like most of the country has that kind of apathy. Either they don’t jump to help, or they don’t feel their help will do anything, or they simply don’t care enough to push themselves beyond their own comfort zone. If they are currently comfortable that’s all that matters.

My own lack of action makes me feel weak. I often feel like words can’t be enough. I feel like words aren’t being heard, like the folks that need to hear them are def to anything but their own agendas or pocket books. Like I’m screaming at a wall.

Nonetheless, we need to spread the word. We need to educate and to bring everyone the information they need to make a decision. It sometimes feels like the only people doing the talking are talking out of their asses while the real work is being done behind them. If they are talking loudly enough, they can drown out the sound of raping, the sound of money exchanging dirty hands, and the sound of weeping by those who are catching the damage.

But words can help. I have to believe that through education, through actively showing people what is missing from the bullhorn rhetoric, we can find help and find souls who can fix the problems and who are willing to. Because those who are breaking backs and gutting livelihoods could fix things, and told us that they would, but are not willing to work against the check-writers. They, too, are afraid of losing their own way of living, and are willing to sacrifice the livings of others to that fear. Worse, they are working hard to instill that fear in others so that they can continue tearing apart important, well-established programs and make others believe it is for the greater good.

It’s not. If you know the facts it’s obvious that what is in place is only good for the select few. It’s only good for those who make the rules and those who pay for those who make the rules. And we need to stop it.

I want to become a teacher to spread knowledge and rationality. I need to become a teacher to keep this crap from happening again.

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  1. February 1, 2018 at 4:05 pm

    great list! yes submitting to the sites may take a bit longer but I guess the payoff will be worth it.

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