Think globally, live locally

I had the great pleasure this evening to take reservations and check in three gentlemen from China. In the UP of Michigan. Granted, one of them lived in Washington state, but the three of them were obviously not born in this county.

Now, my boss was the one who transferred the call to me on reservations because she said she couldn’t tell a word the man said, let alone what he wanted. I, having taken a few classes from Chinese professors in college, didn’t have a whole lot of trouble understanding the gentlemen, so when they came to check in, all THREE of the people at the desk kinda sat back and let me handle it.

This is a HUGE sign of globalization. If China has reached the UP, it’s certainly come through a lot to get here. I am torn about globalization, because I DO think it’s a good thing that we’re all talking and (basically) getting along. I think the exchange of ideas and cultures is WONderful. I, for instance, just started learning Italian just because I can.

What I don’t like to exchange is jobs because they all seem to be going one way. Every other exchange has been mutual, but far too many of our jobs have been going the wrong way. I know that this aspect of the global market didn’t entirely create the economic crisis that the US is just starting to get over, but I also know that it certainly helped it along. If more corporations valued their workers, then we’d have more money in OUR country to work with.

I did just read an article about how we’re finally seeing a little more back from our friends overseas who seem to be the only ones working at the moment. Because of the prevalence of jobs in China and India, all countries are seeing an increase in exports of things that they specialize in (cars from Japan and the US, Flat screen TVs from the US and Korea… etc.), and many more revenues in tourism, as well.

So I’m hoping that this exchange has finally started, and we’ll be gaining a few more jobs here because of the booming economies over there. I understand that formerly depressed countries suddenly being healthy, economically, and in fact blooming helps everyone around the world. It’s just hard to appreciate in the face of outsourcing.

And I’m hoping that this exchange becomes as fantastic and useful as the others have been. I know that just reading about another country gives me ideas for stories and new pictures to savor.


  1. AuntieM said,

    April 5, 2011 at 1:40 pm

    I know. All I am saying is that the UP is a global as anywhere else. Just maybe not as cosmopolitan, eh? Eh? At any rate, I love you!

  2. broadwriter said,

    April 5, 2011 at 10:19 am

    I know that, but we haven’t SEEN that many of them in a while. The most exotic out guests get usually is Ontario. I’m just saying, the globalization is showing.

  3. AuntieM said,

    March 30, 2011 at 3:31 am

    And why not Chinese in the UP? After all, there have been Vikings and Egyptians–or at least people who traded with the Vikings and Egyptians. And then the Norsemen–all those Swedes and Norwegians and Danes. And who knows how many more!

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