“Pick me!” (“No, me!!”) [“NO!…”]

Here I sit in my internet Cafe (aka, the den), sipping fresh brewed coffee, eating my morning oatmeal. Looking at the floor that still needs the remnants of ancient carpet padding scrubbed off. Seeing the box of trinkets on a table in the corner that need to be put away. Looking into my perpetually cluttered kitchen. And thinking that I should be writing.

I have been heard many times recently to say, “I have too many lives!” What I mean is, basically, that I have too many interests. I have too many places to spend my time, time I jealously guard, or simply ‘waste’ on Facebook or video games. There are so many things in this world to be spending your time, and where you spend your time should be where your heart is. Then the only problem is making sure your heart isn’t split, too.

I find that there are enough things bouncing around my house and head that vie for my attention, and as summer gets here, that will only get worse. I have knitting, writing, cooking, cleaning, games, and certainly not least, my fiancée to spend time with. I am not the greatest at prioritizing, which may be one of the reasons I think it’s so important.

I can cook a big batch of something, but that means that my short stories aren’t going to get written. I can finish a short story, but that means that Corey and I can’t go do that dungeon crawl he’s been asking me to do. I can do the dungeon, but that means that I forget about the laundry and the dishes don’t get done.

I have often fantasized about being un-employed. Having another 40 hours in my week would certainly go a long way toward getting some of this stuff done. I’d be homeless, though, so I guess that’s a moot point.

So, as spring progresses (it’s early this year), and I think of all the things I’d like to do this summer, I will continue to come up with things to spend time on. Some of them will become priority this summer as I have to have a back yard I can get married in next spring. But some of them will probably fall off the map. I have been, traditionally, a terrible gardener, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to try now that I have a yard to garden in.

With any luck, I can add to the one short story that I’ve finished in the last month and start taking (wresting) some time Shopping them around and seeing if I can get some income that way. And the little things might progress into bigger things as my first novel gets published and sells a billion copies. And they may change into articles, now that I’m getting more used to writing non-fiction.

Or not. That may depend on how much laundry we make.

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