No One Can Live Your Life But You…

You gotta live life live
If you think your life it stalling , you can revive
No time to worry, just rear back and dive
Woah, you gotta live life live

I wrote this song when I was in my late teens for a few specific people that I love a great deal. I was worried that their lack of forward motivation and complete complacency with a mediocre existence were going to mean that they would wake up sometime in their late thirties to mid forties and want to shoot themselves.

I wrote these words before I went to college, as I was planning something big for myself. I wrote them from the high-and-mighty standpoint of “This isn’t about ME, so I can be as frank and superior as I want.”

Now I look at these words with new meaning. It took a rejection letter from the one school that I trusted, the one school that I really wanted to attend (and, coincidently, the only school I applied to) to tell me that really, this song is for me. This song may be the kick-in-the-pants that I’m in desperate need of right now, and may push me to do something that I’m not quite comfortable with, and REALLY not sure about.

It’s not that I hate my job (most of the time), but it’s certainly not going to get me anywhere. It saps enough of my energy and WAY too much of my time that the few moments that I might have to myself, I’m more likely to spend vegging online (*coughFacebookcough*) or watching TV.

But, I have an idea what I want to do, now, and I may even be able to get it. I have alternatives that I didn’t think of before, other ideas on how to achieve my goals that were blotted out by the one, perfect plan that I had all of the confidence I could see through. It NEVER occurred to me that this depressed economy would mean that more people are going back to school, and people more qualified than me would be looking to try and catch the same 14 spots that I’m shooting for.

I also have the advantage of having the weekend to figure out exactly what I want to try to do since I can’t call anyone until Monday, anyway.

Full lyrics to ‘Live Life Live’ Here


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