Time keeps on slippin’ (slippin’, slippin.)…

How do we, as adults, learn to be so unselfish as to be detrimental to ourselves?

I remember being selfish. I remember being an eight-year-old kid and crying because my mother wanted me to share my Halloween candy. I remember telling myself that I wasn’t going to do homework, I was going to watch TV. I remember many a time when I snuck up to the appetizers table and took the last deviled egg when no one was looking.

So why, now, do I have to fight to get time for myself? What changed in the intervening fifteen years that made it so hard for me to do good things for myself, yet so easy to do good things for everyone else? What in my programming has told me that I need to sacrifice myself for the good of ____?

Okay, yes, many of these choices were conscious choices, and many of them are working toward things that I DO believe are good for everyone. I DO believe that we need to fight for personal freedoms on a political front, and I DO intend to improve at least my personal environment by adding many green and growing things to my yard come spring. These are things that I partially do for myself, but largely do for the greater good.

But I vow to do more good for me. I’m working, yes, actually WORKING on writing and creative projects. I don’t have any excuse for it, other than I want to. I encourage everyone to find that one thing that they’ve always wanted to do and go do it!

And I will, too! Right after I catch up on my FaceBook page…

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