All-most new beginnings

It is amazing to me the sheer number of blogs and new websites that appear on the web every day. Each one posts with the assumption that theirs will be read, theirs will be the Next Big Webspot. We all have to assume that our words, our blogs or websites, will be the one that will take off and make us famous.

Okay, I’m not really expecting to be on ‘USA Today’ tomorrow, but I am hoping to post enough amusing verbosity to catch the eyes and minds, if not hearts, of some more thinking individuals out there. And pump my novel. Once it’s published.

In the meantime, I’ll be updating on the process of acquiring my MFA, searching for publishers and/or agents, and whatever else comes to mind when I’m in front of the compelling screen. If I find anything else on others’ blogs or sites that amuses me, I’ll likely throw that in here too.

After all, how do these sites get to be international sensations if we don’t pass them on? *hint, hint*

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